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Take your Spring Into Spice experience to your house by picking up this 6-pack of wine!

Get your mixed case of wines curated by Beverly Crandon of Spice Food & Wine Group.  

Each of the wines in the mixed case were chosen specifically for their versatile food and wine pairing nature.  The pack also comes with wines lesser known, giving you a chance to try something new and lesser talked about, but highly delicious. 

The mixed case of wines were made possible through a partnership between Spring Into Spice and Le Sommelier, a Toronto wine agency.


Spring Into Spice Mixed Case

J.M. Raffault, Chinon Blanc, 2019
Chenin Blanc, the grape this wine is made from, is what I like to call the wonder grape.  There are not many grapes that you can find produced in every style possible; sparkling, dry, off-dry, and all with attitude.  The J.M. Raffault in your mixed case of wines is a dry wine filled with wondrous layers of complexity.  Candied fruit and white flowers on the nose are followed by crisp acidity and structured minerality on the palate.   
I recently paired this wine with Escovitch Fish.  Its acidity and fruit structure on the palate worked wonders in the pairing. 

Papantonis, Metron Ariston, 2019 
Talk about a workhorse of a wine. Coming at you with a captivating creamy mouth-feel, ripe citrus, peach, pear, and fennel, this is a wine to stop and take notice of.  
This is your wine, whether it’s a conversation, a cheese and charcuterie board, Pad Thai, or jerk shrimp.  Yes, that’s correct.  I did pair this wine with all of those things!

Maeli, Dilì Yellow Moscato Frizzante, 2019 
If you were with us for Fall Into Spice, you are familiar with this producer.   We loved their Moscato Giallo Bianco so much that we decided to add another of their wines to the Spring Into Spice mixed case. 
Maeli, Dilì Yellow Moscato Frizzante is a low-intervention, organic  Pet Nat made from the Moscato Giallo grape.  If you are unfamiliar with the Pet Nat style of wine, the Maeli is a great way to start.  Excellent orange peel, orange blossom, and peach notes dominate here.  I cannot wait for you to try this wine chilled and with a piece of well seasoned fried chicken or even Ethiopian Doro Wot.

Aphros, Yakkos Sparkling Vinhão Grande Reserva, 2009 
I have been a fan of Aphros Vinhos for years now, and when this Yakkos Sparkling Vinhão (sparkling red wine) Grande Reserva came up as an option for this mixed case, I jumped on it.  This may very well be the contemplative wine in your case that gets you and your friends talking.
Rich with dark berries, raspberry, herb, and defined bubbles, this is a real treat; from the winemaker, the winemaking, and the flavour profile.  Please enjoy!

Olivier Rivière, Rayos Uva, 2020
Ever been stuck on finding a red wine for your spring and summer patio sessions?  Try this!
The Rayos Uva is a wonderful and easy-drinking red blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Graciano.   It’s really on the palate where this wine shines. Red fruit such as cherry and plum, with blackberry, tobacco, cocoa, prune, and olive are alive here.
This is an excellent wine for pairing with things like Cookup Rice, Pelau, really all one-pot rice and meat dishes, and so much more. 

Vino Lauria, Zio Paolo Nero d'Avola, 2018
Nero d’Avola is often called the Barolo of the south for its full-bodied nature.  Tannins are often gripping, coupled with a great fruit payoff on the palate.   The Zio Paolo Nero d’Avola is full of typicity, and extremely balanced. Red and black fruit, placed acidity, tannin, and alcohol all give just enough.   
Though coming in at 14.5% alcohol, this is an easy drinking red wine.  That fruit payoff on the palate made it an easy pairing choice for a meal of Dahl and Rice for me.


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